The organization, Best Schools, recently named The Cambridge School as one of "The 50 Best Private Elementary Schools in the United States."  

This honor comes in the "Year of Great Rewards" (2015-2016 annual theme).  This, by far, is a great way to reward Cambridge's founder, board of directors, administration, teachers, staff, volunteers, parents, students, and alumni.  

Cambridge was the ONLY school in the city of Chicago and the ONLY school in the state of Illinois to receive this acknowledgement and honor.  What an honor this is!

We will continue to pursue excellence and evaluate and re-evaluate our outcomes against our founder's goals established in 2005.  With five graduating classes and 100% of the graduates accepted to and attending Tier 1 selective enrollment high schools, Cambridge continues to demonstrate fulfillment of its mission statement and strategic plan.

The Best Private Elementary Schools in the U.S.

Ranking criteria include the following:

  • The schools must have at least three of the six grades (first through sixth grade) that are traditionally categorized as elementary-level grades.
  • They must exceed nearby public schools in course selections and success.
  • They must have a reputation for producing students who are well prepared to take the next steps in their education.
  • Though they are organized as businesses, the schools must have a reputation for treating families with fairness and compassion.
  • They actively seek to treat parents as partners in the educational process.
  • They openly and regularly celebrate the students and their accomplishments.

In determining whether and the degree to which these criteria were met, we did extensive research on these schools, which included finding and evaluating parent and student reviews.

Finally, we decided to put a premium on geographic diversity in the selection of schools. Rather than focus on a few high-density population centers with a large concentration of private schools, we felt it important that all regions of the country be represented. Here, then, is our list of the best private elementary schools across America?s full length and breadth.

Promotional Video -- Why Should You Choose Cambridge?

THE CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL HAS IT ALL! In just under 5 minutes, check out why this statement is true.

The Cambridge School is dedicated to working in partnership within the community with parents to educate and train your child. Our desire is to equip parents to raise children who are committed to growing in Christ, know how to make wise decisions, and can engage with the world in which they live as productive citizens. As a participant in this education, your child has a life-changing opportunity to develop excellent relationships with God and other children, within a diverse setting of students coming from all parts of the city, representing various races, socio-economic classes, ages, and other cultures.

We offer a unique approach to education that is certain to pique the curiosity of parents who want the very best.

"Teach me Your way, O LORD, and I will walk in Your Truth..." 
- Psalm 86:11


Submitted by Derek M. Barber, Founder, The Cambridge School of Chicago.

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Cambridge Seeks New Board Members for 2015

Cambridge School of Chicago

Seeks Board of Directors (2 Seats)


When/Where: Publicly-held Cambridge Board meetings are monthly on the 1st Saturday of every month, 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM.

Job Description and Application is available on the homepage of this Web site, under Newsletter Archives (middle, right of page).  Click the hyperlink "Newsletter Archives" for the links.

The three primary reasons for the existence of The Cambridge School are to:

  • Eradicate the academic achievement gap among urban children in Chicago;
  • Open a new educational option (choice) for families on the south side;
  • Strengthen communities by strengthening families using education as the means.


The Cambridge School is a Board operated school made up of permanent and elected Directors (Board members).  The overall responsibility of the Board is to advance the school according to our statement of faith, under the school's by-laws, and in accordance with its stated objectives and mission.  The Cambridge School is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of five members. 


The Cambridge School distinctives include:

  1. Strong parental support and involvement as an investment into the child's education;
  2. A superior educational model that combines an individualized student learning plan, measurable academic standards and hands-on, project-based learning;
  3. Innovative education options implemented to ensure all children exceed NCLB standards;
  4. Healthy meals, enrichment activities, and social development for all children;
  5. Educating families beyond the education of children in order to provide the necessary tools for long-term success.


Cambridge Board Members are:

  1. Governors of the Headmaster--they share responsibility for the management and evaluation of The Cambridge School?s faculty leadership.
  2. Sponsors of The Cambridge School--they are leaders in both giving and getting money for The Cambridge School.
  3. Ambassadors for The Cambridge School--they are representatives that defend and interpret for The Cambridge School.
  4. Consultants for The Cambridge School--they can contribute professional skills that would be costly for The Cambridge School to purchase.
  5. God-given protection and guidance--they pray for wisdom and offer wise counsel to those running The Cambridge School organization.

Currently, the Cambridge School seeks to fill two (2) seats on the Board of Directors. If you are interested, please contact the Cambridge School at 773-924-1200 or dMb

Submitted by Derek M. Barber, Founder, The Cambridge School of Chicago.

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Inclement Weather? Emergency School Closing Center has your answer!
Unless otherwise stated, when there is INCLEMENT WEATHER and the Chicago Public Schools are declared "accessible" and open, The Cambridge School will also be accessible and open.

Check the Official Cambridge Calendar for regular school closings due to holidays, professional development days, and student holidays.  The calendar is available in the "Downloads" and updated on the Web site calendar.

For updated information about emergency school closings, please visit  Look for "The Cambridge School" in the search box.

If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 773-924-1200.


Submitted by Derek M. Barber, Founder, The Cambridge School of Chicago.

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Become a Cambridge Partner! (Support Letter from the Founder)

The Cambridge School

A University-Model, Faith-based Classical Education


Summer 2015


Dear Cambridge Partner:


I once again request your financial support.  Many of you know me very well or you know my parents, Vaughn and Blanche Barber.  You know that we are deeply entrenched in the battle for minds as a means to eradicate poverty and build purposeful lives.


We're celebrating 10 Years! This year, we are celebrating ten years of academic excellence in the city of Chicago.  Ten years ago, a dream became a vision, which became a reality.  We are excited about the future, but your partnership, now more than ever before, is crucial.  If we are to further eradicate the academic achievement gap in our neighborhood, it must begin with those who are committed to the same cause and believe in what we are doing to be effective.


We're achieving results! In 2014, our students scored 94% on reading and 93% on math; our parents provided over 900 hours of service to the school, saving the school nearly $100,000.00 in personnel, and providing the highest level of parental involvement ever.  Finally, our services expanded from 32 students in 2005 to over 200 students in 2014, with partnerships that service students from local public, charter, and private schools.


We are moving! We are once again stepping out on faith to expand our services and increase our population of children served. In 2017, we will open a new door to our educational services, which now include The Cambridge School, Cambridge Camp, Ambassadors Club After School programming, and Cambridge Tutoring, to a facility that will allow us to reach an additional 600 students in the next five years. Our present location is 1014 East 47th Street.


We are making it possible! Eighty-five percent (85%) of our students are receiving financial assistance. One hundred percent (100%) of your tax-deductible contribution goes to fund student services. 


Will you prayerfully consider a generous donation?  Your gift will mean so much to the cause of closing the academic achievement gap in Chicago.  From a gift as small as $100.00, which provides school supplies for one child to a gift as large as $12,000.00, which is the cost to educate one child, you can make a difference in the life of a child who receives a Cambridge service.  We need to raise $350,000.00 to meet our budget this year!


We have made it even more convenient for you to make your year-end gift.  You may make a credit card payment using PayPal, available through our Web site at or you may send a check directly to the School in the enclosed envelope. Thank you in advance for your partnership!


Eternal blessings,



Derek M. Barber

Founder and Executive Director

Submitted by Derek M. Barber, Founder, The Cambridge School of Chicago.

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Letter from Founder and Headmaster, Mr. Barber

Dear Cambridge Parents:

What an exciting time to be at Cambridge! 2015 is the "Year of InTENsifying Greatness!" This year we celebrate our tenth year of providing an "education as unique as your child."

  • Admissions/Students.  We have a growing population of really great parents and students, expanding our student body in 2014-2015.  Mostly all of our classes are full with a waiting list.  This is a true sign of parents recognizing the great need for the best education for their children even in a sluggish economy. We're positioned to have the strongest and best in class enrollment of families and students ever at The Cambridge School.
  • After School Programming.  Last year, our after school program, Ambassadors Club, included 12 new programs, including Cambridge Spirit cheerleading, Cambridge Kids Enterprise (entrepreneurship and financial stewardship), Cambridge Sports (SNAG Golf, SMART Tennis, Knights Basketball), Boys Quest, Girls Quest (expanded), Cambridge Martial Arts, and much more.  We also have expanded our arts to include culinary arts, visual arts, and drama/theater arts classes.  All-in-all, it is the city's most comprehensive after school program.
  • Financial Stability.  You can tell an organization's success by its financial strength.  We have NEVER (not once) operated The Cambridge School in the red (deficit).  Cambridge may not have all the bells and whistles that some other schools have, but we are committed to providing the best education possible with strong objective results within the financial limitations provided.  Now, there are those who have supported us financially who want to do more.  We recently received more funding based on our high achievement with a statement, "Expand your programs!"  That is quite a statement!  The Met Life Foundation recently announced that we will receive $20K for after school enrichment programming.  Bright Promise Fund awarded the school with $15K for scholarships. The Perkins Foundation is in its eighth year of support with $120K in scholarship funding.  As a result, we have reduced our tuition by 48% in both the school and summer camp program. Wonderful!
Are you checking the vitals? These are signs of a healthy school!  Check our vitals out!  In 2007-2008, we announced our theme, "Expect Great Things!"  We expanded our Mom's Prayer.  We enhanced our assessment tools.  We provided better after school enrichment programs (Mad Science, Merit School of Music, and Girls Quest).  We had our strongest year ever in Cambridge Parent Council history, with the introduction of the Spring Production in May 2008.  Our students' test scores in the benchmark grades proved that the educational approach of Cambridge is effective. 

Now it is time for us to get stronger.  In years past (2008-2009) was the "Year of Great Beginnings" and we expanded beyond our own imaginations.  "Reds" never are satisfied with status quo.  It must have been a "Type A" who came up with the tag line for Lexus Automotive: "The Pursuit of Excellence!" because at Cambridge we will always be pursuing that place called "Excellence" and will never settle for less.  We are constantly examining the structure, the system, the curriculum, the methods, and classroom resources, the families, the students, etc.  We are in pursuit of something greater than our imaginations!  We are just so pleased that you are part of the process!

As the school year continues, please take the time to:
  1. Pray for the board, administration, faculty, staff, families, and students of the school;
  2. Review the family handbook and point out the student decorum with your child (available on line).  It is important that we all be on one accord and be of one mind and purpose throughout this year;
  3. Read the required reading to your child (summer reading list is available on the Web site);  Parents should read Shepherding a Child's Heart (available for purchase at Cambridge) so that we are on the same page about discipline and expectations.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at (773) 924-1200!  If you are interested in Cambridge, now is the time (not in August 2015) to learn about us and apply for admissions.   Start with a tour of our Web site, then complete an admissions inquiry, next visit us at for a tour every Tuesday/Thursday!

Be blessed and be a blessing,

Derek M. Barber

Submitted by Derek M. Barber, Founder, The Cambridge School of Chicago.

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Cambridge Fall Tours, Tuesdays, 8:30 AM - 10 AM!
Interested in learning more about The Cambridge School?  Attend an admissions open house presentation called Cambridge Preview or contact us for a tour.  Send an E-mail with all contact information (your name, phone, E-mail, child's name, entering grade) to 

We are recruiting for Primary Class I (ages 3-4), Primary Class II (age 4-5), Primary Class III (advanced K), Grammar Class I (advanced 1st), and Grammar Class II (advanced 2nd), Grammar Class III (advanced 3rd), Grammar Class IV (advanced 4th),Grammar Class V (advanced 5th), and Grammar Class VI (advanced 6th) for Fall 2016.  This event is open to the public but you must register on-line to attend.  Parents interested in Cambridge are encouraged to attend this event.

You are cordially invited

to experience a glimpse of

The Cambridge School

An accessible and academically diverse faith-based education offering measurable quality instruction for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade

Our Cambridge Preview Fall Tours

will be held


November - January

8:30 AM - 10 AM

1014 East 47th Street*

Chicago, Illinois

call (773) 924-1200

*Exit East 47th Street from the Dan Ryan or West 47th Street from LSD

The events will begin in our conference room.

A presentation of our students will initiate the day's events.

All attending are invited to visit our classrooms,meet our carefully selected faculty, and experience our passion for educating all God's children with excellence and compassion.


Submitted by Derek M. Barber, Founder, The Cambridge School of Chicago.

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